March 22: Challenges Facing Oregon’s Healthcare Work Force

Twenty percent of physicians indicate they plan to retire in the next few years and other healthcare professions are already facing shortages. What’s being done to fill the gap?

Are legislators willing to invest resources to recruit new professionals and  retain the state’s current providers?  Is a team-based approach to delivering medicine the way to go? What role should academic institutions play? How does industry fit in? And is enough attention being focused on under-served populations in both urban and rural settings?

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Ann Barr-Gillespie, PhD, DPT, Vice Provost and Executive Dean, Pacific University for the College of Health Professions
Jana Britton, MPA, Executive Director, Oregon Center of Nursing
Lesley Ogden, MD, FACEP, CEO, Samaritan North Lincoln Hospital
Sen. Elizabeth Steiner Hayward, MD (D-District 17)
Other panelists to be announced shortly

Robert Duehmig, Deputy Director, Oregon Office of Rural Health, OHSU