August 23, 2017 – Bridging the Gap Between K-12 Education & Healthcare

This event will feature policy makers and practitioners who believe it’s time to start a conversation about how our state breaks down the wall between K-12 funding and healthcare budgets.

Don’t miss this important discussion about how we might better leverage our tax and healthcare dollars to serve the needs of Oregon students.

In schools across Oregon, millions of education dollars are being spent delivering healthcare in classrooms. Whether it’s an office secretary helping an insulin-dependent student or a school nurse working with a medically fragile child, Oregon schools are picking up millions in healthcare costs out of the K-12 education budget. In Medicaid billing alone, schools are leaving upwards of $40 million on the table. And Oregon schools are unable to bill private insurance.

Kim Bartholemew, School Nurse Beaverton District
Sandra Clark, Population Health Director, FamilyCare Health
Rep. Julie Parrish, R-Tualatin / West Linn
Dr. Lisa Bisgard, Chief of Pediatrics, Kaiser Permanente

Kelly Jensen, Managing Director, Compelling Reason Consultants