June 15, 2017: Unintended Consequences of Cannabis Legalization

Event recap: Experts Divided on Unintended Consequences of Legal Marijuana

One panelist at Thursday’s Oregon Health Forum breakfast expressed deep alarm about addiction and cannabis use, while two others brought more nuanced views and called for better research, noting that legalization of pot is boosting communication with doctors and may provide help for some opioid addicts.

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Oregon Health Forum is pleased to host Dr. Elizabeth Stuyt, Medical Director, Circle Program, Colorado Mental Health Institute at Pueblo and Board President, National Acupuncture Detoxification Association.

In her research, Dr. Elizabeth Stuyt has compared the brains of aborted or miscarried fetuses of women who had used marijuana during pregnancy with the brains of fetuses whose mothers did not use marijuana, and has found an increase in opiod reciptors in the brains of fetuses of mothers who used marijuana. Her research draws a connection between the spread of Opioid overuse, misuse and addiction that parallels the increasing legalization of marijuana.

Moderator: Jason Renaud, Executive Director, Mental Health Assn. of Portland

Other panelists to be announced shortly.

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Please note, this event is taking place at Portland’s Multnomah Athletic Club.