FREE VIDEO!! — T.R. Reid: Universal Healthcare Without Single Payer

On April 10, 2019, critically acclaimed writer and journalist T.R. Reid took to the Oregon Health Forum podium to give his talk entitled, “Universal Healthcare Without Single Payer? How Germany and Japan Use Private Health Insurance to Provide Better Care to More People for Less Money Than We Do.”

After his talk, Reid was joined on stage by a reactor panel of local experts for an interactive discussion with the audience.

Keynote Speaker:
T.R. Reid,
author of “The Healing of America,” the New York Times bestseller comparing healthcare systems around the world

Reactor Panel:
Knute Buehler, MD, Orthopedic Surgeon and former Oregon State Representative from Bend
Brian DeVore, CEO of Sifft Consulting and formerly Intel’s Director of Healthcare Ecosystem and Strategy
Sarah Friend, Executive Vice President of The Partners Group, Portland
Richard L. Jamison, MD, General Surgeon and President of The Oregon Clinic